Health, Safety & Environmental

At Norwest Engineering, Health, Safety and Environmental (HSE) are three important cornerstones of our operating philosophy. We believe that HSE are the concepts that help make our projects successful, ultimately leading to a safe and efficient system for our clients. Making the protection of people and their environment our foremost goal in the completion of a project, will lead to the best value for our clients and the greatest stewardship towards our planet.

Health & Safety

At Norwest Engineering, health and safety are the cornerstones of our operating philosophy.  We believe that healthy and safe employees are happier, more energetic and are therefore more productive for our clients.   Norwest takes pride in our safety training programs, ensuring that each employee has the necessary tools to remain safe both in the office and field environments alike.   Health and safety training and awareness requires a multi-pronged approach, which includes:

  • Hazard recognition and mitigation both in office and in job-site settings

  • The understanding that safety awareness is the responsibility of each individual; observation and prevention being the keys

  • Safety must be continuously discussed and brought to the forefront by means of safety meetings and training

  • Any successful safety program requires not only education and training but regular audits to identify areas for improvement.  Audits are performed for both safety programs and workplaces.

  • Develop and train using Job Safety Analyses (JSA’s) as a set of written instructions for performing any task safely.  Observation and audit of each JSA will help identify areas of improvement

  • Maintaining a group of employees trained in first aid and CPR

  • Ensure that every project has a Safe Work Plan that identifies an assessment of potential risks and mitigation of these risks with safe solutions.  A step in the hazard analysis for each project is the Constructability Review, where potential hazards are identified and mitigation steps are defined

The conclusive goal of all of Norwest’s health and safety activities is to experience zero incidents, but beyond that, we strive to see that everyone who works for or with Norwest goes home at the end of the workday in at least as good a condition as they started.


At Norwest Engineering, environmental considerations are a key component in every project design. Norwest maintains a strict dedication to the preservation of our precious resources, since we know that each project has the potential to affect people, animals, plants and the land. Our goal is to always protect the environment during project execution and to build in safeguards that will keep protecting it long after the project is complete. Norwest has a genuine dedication to the protection of human and environmental health.

As part of the initial project plan, Norwest considers the protection of water, air and land surrounding the project site to reinforce our standing as exceptional environmental stewards. Norwest works closely with all concerned regulatory agencies to establish resource protection strategies, ensuring that these plans are followed during the construction phase of the project. Norwest will ensure that each and every project we undertake meets or exceeds government regulations for air and water quality.

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